Taksim Square – Istiklal Street

Taksim Square & Istiklal Street, Istanbul's vibrant pedestrian zone.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Istanbul at Taksim Square, a bustling hub overflowing with energy. Step onto the iconic Istiklal Street, a pedestrian paradise lined with charming shops, buzzing cafes, and delectable restaurants. Explore a treasure trove of historical landmarks, including the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia and the magnificent Topkapi Palace, all within easy reach. Experience the vibrant culture of Istanbul, from street performers showcasing their talents to traditional Turkish delights tantalizing your taste buds. Whether you seek shopping, sightseeing, or simply soaking up the atmosphere, Taksim Square and Istiklal Street offer an unforgettable adventure for every traveler.

İstiklal Caddesi İstanbul Türkiye