Eresin Hotels Topkapi in Istanbul is ideal for Leisure or Business

Eresin Hotel Topkapi is a 5* hotel located in the old city with its privileged location it is near the main attractions of the city such as Sultanahmet, Taksim, Walls of Constantinople and major convention centers and fairgrounds such as CNR expo, Halic Congress center and Abdi İpekci Sport Center.

There are many options to come to Eresin Hotels Topkapi from Istanbul Airport.
By private taxi service, door to door which is available 24 hours. Distance from the hotel is 40 Km, drive time is 30-40 minutes.

You may also use public transportation. You can board to HAVAIST bus transporter from the airport directly to Sultanahmet. Please note that you will have to change lines at Sultanahmet. When you get out of the HAVAIST bus at Sultanahmet, you should board to tramway direction to Bağcılar or Cevizlibag. The hotel is located near Pazartekke tram station that you should hop off.

sitting area at eresin hotels topkapi