Local Attractions

You will never be tired of visiting the beauties of Istanbul!

Discover the highlights of Istanbul! The hotel is 10 min. away by tram to the major tourist attractions.

Galata Port Istanbul

The World’s First Underground Cruise Ship Terminal.

Positioned as a homeport, Galataport Istanbul is a world-class cruise ship port that is set to vitalize cruise tourism across an extensive region from the Mediterranean basin to the Black Sea.  An exemplary project worldwide and a groundbreaking innovation thanks to its special hatch system that enables the terminal to be placed underground.

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View of the Topkapi Palace Museum near Eresin Hotels Express

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace, the Great Palace of the Ottoman Sultans, is the most extensive and fascinating monument of Ottoman civil architecture...

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Wide shot of the Hagia Sophia near Eresin Hotels Express

Hagia Sophia

It's said that when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian entered his finished church for the first time in AD 536, he cried out "Glory to God that I have been judged worthy of such a work.

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Souvenirs at a shop in Grand Bazaar near Eresin Hotels Express

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is also known as Kapali Carsi which dates back to 1461, with 5,000 shops making it one of the largest and oldest indoor marketplaces in the world.

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Wide shot of the Blue Mosque near Eresin Hotels Express

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque (Turkish: Sultanahmet Camii), was built in the early 17th century during the rule of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I.

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Interior of the Basilica Cistern near Eresin Hotels Express

Basilica Cistern

One of the magnificent historical buildings of Istanbul is the Basilica Cistern located in the southwest of Hagia Sophia.

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Long shot of the Galata Tower from Eresin Hotels Express

Galata Tower

One of the first to come to mind when talking about the historical structures of Istanbul is the Galata Tower.

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