Aqua Life & Spa

Get In, Get Healthy

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You will experience a high level of relaxation at our Aqua Life & Spa Center in Istanbul. Our guests can enjoy the indoor heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and Hammam (Turkish bath) of our 5-star facilities. Highly qualified therapists provide customized spa experience with many types of massage choices. The Health Club also offers a full range of exercise and recreation facilities. Guests can work out in our fully equipped fitness centre and unwind at our indoor heated swimming pool.

Our Spa Service Is At Your Side

  •  Traditional Turkish Bath
  •  Fitness Center
  •  Instrumental slimming and tightening applications
  •  Sauna
  •  Heated Indoor Swimming Pool
  •  Vitamin Bar
  •  Gymnastics, aerobics and step works
  •  Steam Room
  •  Dressing Room
  •  Massages

To benefit from the massage service, please make a reservation between the following hours: Weekdays - Weekend: 10:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m

Our facilities of spa & health club are free of charge to our guests staying at our hotel.
For reservation and information, please call the Health Club reception

Phone+90 212 631 1212 | Ext: 3901 - Aqua Life & Spa Center Reception


Relaxing all your body muscles and generates well-being by applying specially blended oils with rhythmic hand movements to ease muscle tension.


Soft massage with pure essential oils. The essential oils are absorbed through the skin to stimulate well-being and balancing body and mind.


Foot reflexology massage is a therapeutic technique rooted in the belief that specific areas of the feet correspond to different organs and systems in the body. This holistic approach to healing is based on the principles of reflexology, an ancient practice that dates back to ancient China and Egypt. The purpose of foot reflexology massage is to promote overall well-being by stimulating these reflex points through targeted pressure and massage.

Turkish Kese Massage

The Turkish Kese Massage is a traditional Turkish exfoliating and cleansing technique that is often performed in Turkish baths, also known as hammams. "Kese" refers to a coarse mitt or glove used in this massage. The process involves deep exfoliation and purification of the skin, leaving it smooth and rejuvenated.