Eresin Hotels: in the Heart of Istanbul

About Eresin Hotels

Eresin Hotels operates four hotels comprising 351 rooms, all in Istanbul, Turkey. Eresin Hotels TopkapiEresin Hotels Sultanahmet - Boutique Class and Eresin Hotels Express hotels each possess their own unique atmosphere, each quite different from the last, but they also maintain certain key features.

Also located in the historical part of Istanbul, Eresin Hotels Topkapi offers 5 stars comfort with easy access to every part of the city. Public transport being right on the doorstep, our guests can easily reach Sultanahmet, Taksim and Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Located in the old city of Istanbul, Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet - Boutique Class is not just a hotel offering personalized quality, service and comfort, but also a private museum with a cistern, mosaics and extraordinary discoveries dating from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman times.

Eresin Hotels Express is a 3-star hotel offering comfortable en-suite guestrooms and is located just metre away from Pazartekke Tram station in Topkapı in historical part of the city center.

Each hotel in the group has been totally renovated to provide not only an irrefutably high level of quality but also to showcase original and carefully conceived design. This means that each hotel has its own unique identity.

The Eresin Group also operates restaurants and bars. Developed with the same attention to detail, these three culinary establishments are offering a variety of creative and delicious menus.

Sitting area at eresin hotel