Discover Unique Dining at Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet - Restaurants and Bar


Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet offers guests the choice of two Istanbul restaurants and a stylish bar.

Experience Turkish and Mediterranean dining at the stylish Mosaic Restaurant or enjoy views over the Blue Mosque and the Sea of Mamara from our rooftop Mosaic Terrace restaurant.

After a busy day in the city, refresh your spirit with an aperitif or long drink in our historical Istanbul hotel bar- the Column Bar.

Mosaic Restaurant

Eresin Hotels Sultanahmet Boutique Class’s Mosaic Restaurant takes its name from its authentic Byzantine floor mosaic which dates from the 5th. or 6th centuries A.D. The mosaic, decorated with fish motif, is thought to have been part of a courtyard inside the Byzantine, Great Palace, perhaps part of a religious structure or corridor.

Today the Mosaic Restaurant offers delicious meals cooked to unrivalled perfection, served in truly unique surroundings of Sultanahmet.

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