Discover Unique Dining in Istanbul at Eresin Hotels Taxim Premier


Eresin Hotels Taxim Premier offers you unique tastes at the American-themed L'Oranj Restaurant & Bar.

Delicious, authentic Turkish kebabs and grills are served with fresh spices,natural herbs,salads and traditional appetizers.Our menus have a wide range of world flavors, and L'Oranj Restaurant & Bar offers a wide selection of wines made from rich Anatolian grapes that will complement your meal.

Enjoy our open buffet breakfast at L'Oranj Terrace with panoramic views of the city. Our breakfast offers fresh bread and bakery products, seasonal fruits, fresh juices, coffee and traditional Turkish tea. In addition, L'Oranj Terrace is the perfect host for your special invitations and group meals accompanied by the view of Istanbul in one of the best restaurant in Taksim.

Bar & Lounge

A unique place to relax and unwind after a long exhausting day. Serves cocktails and drinks. Open anytime of the day. Light meals and snacks are available. The selected international and local cocktails are served with qualified staff. Enjoy and relax in the comfort of large sofas in a cozy atmosphere. Catch-up on world news and events with daily international and local newspapers as well as in-house newsletter and cable TV.

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