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Eresin Hotels Taxim 4 star hotel in Istanbul, Turkey features 70 comfortable rooms and provides many services to fulfill business travelers’ needs for a comfortable trip as well as seminar and conference facilities . Eresin Hotels Taxim is located within the business and shopping district and very close to the historical sites and many attractive interest points such as Dolmabahce Palace, Ataturk Cultural Center, Yildiz Palace, Museum of Fine Arts, Ortakoy Mosque, Lutfi Kirdar Congress & Exhibition Center and Hilton Exhibition Center. Read More

Eresin Hotels Taxim 4 star hotel in Istanbul, Turkey features 70 comfortable rooms and provides many services to fulfill business travelers’ needs for a comfortable trip as well as seminar and conference facilities . Eresin Hotels Taxim… Read More

Eresin Hotels Taxim 4 star hotel in Istanbul, Turkey features 70 comfortable rooms and provides many services to fulfill business travelers’ needs for a comfortable trip as well as seminar and conference facilities.

Eresin Hotels Taxim is located within the business and shopping district and very close to the historical sites and many attractive interest points such as Dolmabahce Palace, Ataturk Cultural Center, Yildiz Palace, Museum of Fine Arts, Ortakoy Mosque, Lutfi Kirdar Congress & Exhibition Center and Hilton Exhibition Center.


Taksim Square

Taksim Square, the central transportation hub of istanbul, is named after the taksim (distribution point) constructed there in the late 1800s. Today it links the Kabataş funicular with the metro as well as many bus lines, and it leads to the bustling Istiklal street. On the southern end of the square stands a large monument, the Istiklal Anıtı, which commemorates the legacy of Atatürk and the establishment of the modern Republic of Turkey. On the northern end of the square is the Atatürk Cultural Center.There’s Taksim Metro Station in middle of square. By walking just 2 minutes from Eresin Taxim&Premier

Istiklal Street

Pedestrianised İstiklal Street (Independence Street) is a bustling modern shopping street with a wealth of restaurants and cafés. The lower end of the street can be reached by taking the world's oldest underground railway from near Galata Bridge - the Tünel, constructed in 1875. There is also a quaintly old-fashioned tramway that runs along its length right up to Taksim Square at the top of the hill. A large number of churches and old consulate buildings are located nearby.Istiklal Street is very near our hotel by walking just 5 minutes

Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church

The building was erected in 1880 and it is considered the largest Greek Orthodox shrine in Istanbul nowadays. It is still in use by the Greek Community. The church is located in Beyoğlu district, near the Taksim Square. The property where the Church stands used to be the site of a Greek Orthodox cemetery and hospital. This was demolished in order to build the Church. The construction works was began on 13 August 1876 and was completed on 14 September 1880. The Church was built in neo-baroque style with elements of Basilica, with the unusual features of a large dome, twin bell towers and a neo gothic facade.

Huseyin Agha Mosque

The mosque which is on Istiklal Street, was built in 1596 by Huseyin Agha who was one of the Galatasaray Aghas with one minaret on the right side. The first version was domed than it was converted to Karger roof. It has rebuilt by the decree of Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II in 1834. The mosque has remained neglected for a long time after the fire in it than it was restored in 1934.

Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centers

In the city centre The Congress Valley is within a walking distance to wide choices of hotels. The Congress Valley features ‘Istanbul Congress Center’ and the ‘İstanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre’ both offering a wide range of meeting facilities. Opened with the World Bank – IMF Summit in 2009, the Istanbul Congress Centre covers more than 16.000 m2 (172.222 sq. ft.) of exhibition spaces featuring a 3705 person auditorium, 115 meeting rooms. The Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre on the other hand, features a 2000 – person auditorium, numerous meeting rooms and over 7000 m2 (75.347 sq. ft.) of exhibition space and 27 multi-functional rooms. In the Golden Horn area Haliç Congress Center is another massive complex featuring a 3008 – person auditorium and other meeting spaces covering in total an area of 102.000 m² (1.097.919 sq. ft.) with 86.000 m² (925.696 sq. ft.) indoor spaces. In addition İstanbul offers several multi-purpose indoor sport arenas, theatres, cultural and show centers capable of hosting sports events as well as concerts, shows and mega events. Same of convention&Exhibition Centers are nearly Eresin Taxim&Premier Hotel.İstanbul Convention & Exhibition center by walking just 5 minutes and Haliç Congress center by public transportation just 15 minutes from Eresin Taxim&Premier.

Istanbul Military Museum

The structure was built at the first time as a Military College by the decree of Sultan II.Abdulhamid in 1862 to educate the officers for Ottoman Army. It was used for different purposes as a college and Military Headquarters, finally it was decided to converted into a museum in 1964. The restoration works began in 1966 and completed in 1991, then opened for visitors on 10th February 1993. The museum is at Harbiye neighbourhood nearby Taksim.


Nişantaşı is a quarter of the Şişli district of Istanbul European Side, nearby the Taksim. It is considered to be one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of Istanbul with a popular shopping and residential district. The area includes brand names, European style cafes, restaurant, pubs and nightclubs. Nowadays, there is a fashionable shopping district and an affluent residential area.

St. Anthony Church of Padua

It is the largest church of Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul which was located at the Istiklal Avenue. The church was first built in Galata in 1230 and rebuilt at the same place several times because of fires. Then, it was relocated in its current place in 1724 due to fire in 1696. The church is considered a minor basilica and it is run by Italian priests. The Masses are in Italian, Polish, English and Turkish.

Pera Museum

Pera Museum is a private museum which was opened on 8th June 2005, offers an aim of outstanding range of diverse high quality and art services. It has became one of the most qualified and advanced museum of Turkey which serves as a modern museum-cultural center in one of the liveliest quarters of Istanbul. Pera Museum is on the Istiklal Street.

Dolmabahçe Mosque

The mosque was commissioned by Bezmi Alem Valide Sultan and completed by Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid who is her son, after she died. It was located at seaside of Besiktas district and opened for prayer services in 1855. The most obvious stylistic feature of the mosque is having a fiction and geometry. It was converted to Maritime Museum in 1948 but than it was converted to mosque again in 1960.

Dolmabahçe Palace

The sumptuous and ornate Dolmabahçe Palace shows the clear influence of European decoration and architecture on the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century. Built by Sultan Abdul Mecid I in 1854, it replacedTopkapı Palace as the main residence of the sultans. The formal gardens are punctuated with fountains, ornamental basins and blooming flower beds while inside the sheer splendour and pomp of the Turkish Renaissance style is dazzling. The interiors mix rococo, baroque, neoclassical and ottoman elements, with mammoth crystal chandeliers, liberal use of gold, French-style furniture and dazzling ceiling frescoes. By subway just 5 minutes from Eresin Taxim&Premier.

Istanbul Modern Museum

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Turkey’s first private museum to organize modern and contemporary art exhibitions, was founded in 2004 and has now moved to a temporary space in Beyoğlu, where it will welcome visitors from May 2018 onward for three years while its new building is being constructed. By subway and tram just 10 minutes from Eresin Hotels Best Western Taxim.

Nusretiye Mosque

The mosque was located at Tophane neighborhood and known as Tophane Mosque. It was built by the decree of Sultan Mahmut II and opened for prayer services in 1826. It retains a Baroque style while its architecture is influenced by Islamic elements, making it unique to the city. The mosque was repaired between 1955 – 1958 and restored partially between 1980 – 1982.

Neve Shalom Synagogue

It is the most popular synagogue of Turkish Jews which is in Karaköy. It was opened on 25th March 1951 as a largest synagogue in Istanbul. Neve Shalom Synagogue which means “Oasis of Peace”, is the largest place of worship of the Turkish Jewish Community in Istanbul and hosts Jewish ceremonies such as Shabbat prayers, Bar Mitzvahs, Brit-Milah, wedding and funerals.

SS Peter and Paul Church

It is a Roman Catholic Church in Galata. The Church owns an icon of Virgin Hodegetria which is one of the protective icons of Constantinople. The current structure was rebuilt in 19th century.

Italian Synagogue

Synagogue which is also known as Kal de los Francos, was built by Italian Jewish Community of Istanbul in 19th century and rebuilt in 1931 after demolition.The synagogue is famous with its Gothic Facade and Marble Staircase.

The Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is one of Istanbul's most iconic landmarks, and is one of the oldest towers in the world. First constructed from wood in the year 507 AD by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius, it was rebuilt from stone in 1348 by Genoese and was at the centre of a fort surrounding the Galata citadel. It now houses a café and restaurant on its upper floors offering traditional Ottoman and European cuisine (fixed and a-la-carte menu) and Turkish entertainment, complete with 360º views over the city and water. Nearby the Galata Tower is the lively Tunel-Asmalimescit area which is packed with restaurants,and bars Galata Tower is very near Eresin Taxim&Premier Hotel by walking just 20 minutes.

Bet Israel Synagogue

Bet Israel Synagogue is located in Şişli district and supported by the Neve Shalom Foundation. It was built in 1920’s and enlarged into its current size because of increasing the Jews population. It is the most populated synagogue in Turkey and it can be visited after making appointments.

Jewish Museum of Turkey

The foundation was established to celebrate the immigration of Sephardic Jews 500 years ago to the Ottoman Empire in 1989. The structure was built in 1671 which was served as Zulfaris Synagogue , opened as a museum on 25th November 2001. The museum is in Karaköy, nearby Galata.

Ashkenazi Synagogue

It is the only active Ashkenazi Synagogue open to visits and prayers and it was the largest one of Ashkenazi synagogues in Galata which was founded by Ashkenazim of Austrian origin in 1900. The synagogue holds all religious ceremonies in the Ashkenazi tradition.

Spice Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar is the place to get your foodie fix of lokum (Turkish delight), dried fruit, nuts, herbs and of course spice. Much of the money that helped construct it came from the taxes the Ottoman government levied on Egyptian-made products which is why it's name in Turkish (Mısır Çarşısı) means "Egyptian Market". The Spice Bazaar is a prime tourist attraction and at certain times of the day gets ridiculously crowded with huge tour groups from the docked cruise ships. Try to come before 11am or after 4pm. By subway and tram just 15 minites from Eresin Taxim&Premier.

Istanbul Shopping Malls

Istanbul is a shopping mall paradise. The city boasts many quality malls which house an astonishing range of cafes, restaurants,entertainment options and, of course, shops. Some of the more modern shopping malls in Istanbul are directly connected to the Metro system, offering the ultimate in convenience. From fashion to electronic, furniture, homeware, cosmetics and more, there's something for everyone at Istanbul's shopping malls. Main metro station is very nearly to our hotel. . By walking just 2 minutes from Eresin Taxim&Premier Shopping malls names are Cevahir shopping mall, Kanyon shopping mall, İstinye Park shopping mall , Olivium shopping mall and Istanbul forum shopping mall and more

Fener Greek Orthodox  Patriarchate

The patriarchate was established by one of the Jesus’s Apostle Andrea in AD 37. After Roman Empire was divided into Eastern (Byzantium) and Western (Roman), it was participated to the Orthodox Church within Eastern Roma (Byzantine) Empire in 5th century. The Patriarchate had some concessions by the decree of Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet after conquest of Istanbul and it had too many concessions during the rule of Sultan II. Mehmet than the Byzantine period. It has located to its current place in 1602 which replaced many times previously and it has restored in 1800’s.

Etz Ahayim Synagogue

The synagogue is located in Ortaköy, nearby the Bosphorus Bridge. It was destroyed completely by fire without just Aron Kodesh marble in 1941 and rebuilt subsequently.


Surely one of Istanbul’s loveliest seaside suburbs, Ortakoy, with its narrow cobbled streets, fine food and spectacular location under the Bosphorus Bridge- the first bridge to connect the European side of Istanbul to Asia- makes for a lovely day trip. By public transportation just 15 minutes from Eresin Taxim Premier,

The Hagia Sophia

It's said that when the Byzantine Emperor Justinian entered his finished church for the first time in AD 536, he cried out "Glory to God that I have been judged worthy of such a work. Oh Solomon, I have outdone you!" The Hagia Sophia   was the emperor's swaggering statement to the world of the wealth and technical ability of his empire. Tradition maintained that the area surrounding the emperor's throne within the church was the official centre of the world. Through its conversion to a mosque after the Ottoman armies conquered Constantinople to its further conversion into a museum in the 20th century, the The Hagia Sophia has remained one of Istanbul's most cherished landmarks. . By subway and tram just 20 minutes from Eresin Taxim&Premier.

Grand Imperial Ortaköy Mosque

The mosque is situated at seaside of Ortaköy where is one of the most popular locations on the Bosphorus. It was ordered by Sultan Abdulmecid and built between 1854 – 1856 in the Neo-Baroque style. There are wide and high bay windows which refract its reflection in water as well as daylight. The restoration works was began in 2011 and completed on 6th June 2014.

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